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Hey everybody try this healthy three grain koozhu or porridge.  Traditionally, it is cooked in mud pot, which enhances taste.  I prepared in a mud pot.   It is very healthy also cools you. This  koozhu is a combination of  Ragi, Kambu and Thinnai in the ratio 3:2:3/4.  You can get these items  in stores  buy them clean and pat dry under sun for 2 days and powder it nicely.  This flour you can store for a long time(three months).   Here comes the recipe.

Three Grain Flour                        : 1 cup
Cooked rice                                  : 1/4 cup + 1/2 cup water
Water                                            : 2 cups
Salt                                                : to taste
Butter milk                                    : as u need


You have to do this procedure previous night.  Mix flour with 2 cups of water (dosa batter consistency) and keep aside for 2 hours.  It will ferment a little.

Now in a heavy bottom vessel mix cooked rice and 1/2 cup water and cook and mash well.

Then add the flour mix and stir continuously.  Add salt to taste.  At this time, if you feel thick consistency, you can add hot water.  cook for 10 mts in a low flame.

Once it is cooked remove from the flame and close with a lid.

Next day morning it will be fermented, take the required quantity in a bowl and add butter milk mix it well and drink. Will taste good once it is fermented.   You can have  it  along with  fried moore milagai , any pickle,  raw shallots or any keerai masial or as it is.

Try this healthy recipe and send me your comments.

There are many methods to prepare koozh.  The above is my method.


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